Our fees

We charge for our services by way of a fee. Find out more about how we charge on this page.

We believe in clarity and transparency: transparency in how we work and what we charge for that work, and clarity on the specific ways we will – or will not – be able to add value for you.

We offer all prospective clients an initial consultation at our expense. This is a chance for us to listen to you, understand your unique financial objectives and challenges, explore your personal goals and whether we will be able to help you achieve them.

If we believe we can help you, we will discuss the level of service that is most appropriate for you and what our fee for that work will be.

There is no obligation or pressure for you to progress any further after this meeting.

If you choose to continue working with us, our initial charges are payable only once you have signed an agreement detailing our fees and we’ve completed our agreed work.

Our ongoing services are optional. Costs for this service and options for payment will be discussed with you during our initial meetings.

How we add value

From day one of your relationship with us, we want you to be able to see where we can add value in your life.

“Adviser alpha” is the value a professional adviser will add to your financial affairs – the tangible added value that you would not be able to achieve without us. Bowmore’s adviser alpha can equate to an additional 3%* return per annum and is achieved through:

Changes we make to how your assets are held

For example, making changes to whose name your assets are held in to produce more tax-efficient returns; and/or making full use of tax shelters to reduce your tax bills.

Enhanced solutions

For example, providing access to a much wider range of products, platforms and policies at a lower cost; rebalancing and diversifying your assets; and/or monitoring changes in your circumstances and seeking out more suitable solutions.

Behavioural coaching

For example, demonstrating the positive and tangible effect of good decisions; overcoming inertia; and/or avoiding overtrading or panic selling.

What our clients say

Peace of mind that we will have enough income post-retirement to carry on living a comfortable life.

| Bhamini and Bharat P

Long-term financial security and the knowledge that I don't have to deal with the day-to-day financial 'nitty-gritty’.

| Catherine S

Ensuring that we are planning correctly for our retirement to guarantee financial security in the future.

| Leigh and Peter C-C

Having someone you can trust to do the best for you.

| T.H. Wilmott

Being listened to.

| David S

Knowing my investments are actively and effectively managed.

| Kenneth J

Pension and Investments are in far, far better shape working with Mark than they would have otherwise been.

| Robert K

The ability to call John and discuss any concerns I have.

| S. Hayler

A better return on my investments.

| Peter A

Personal service and knowledge of our circumstances.

| S.J. King

Establishing financial goals and then monitoring progress towards meeting them.

| Craig M

Peace of mind that our money is in good hands and that we will be financially secure for the future.

| Philip Alexander D

One friendly point of contact who we trust and has got to know us.

| Grant T


| Anthony M

Not having to worry about trying to manage my investment myself.

| Dr Melanie M-J

Support and guidance.

| Alastair and Julie C

Someone who is good at listening, for example, when looking for a more ethical portfolio.

| Jane L

Expertise in pension, investment and inheritance matters.

| Graham S

Knowing that I have a go-to person who understands my financial situation and is clear on my goals.

| Carolyn H

Knowing John is always approachable, trustworthy, an expert in his field and has our best interests at heart.

| V. Dadd

Peace of mind stemming from confidence in the way Bowmore does business.

| Ian F-S

Knowing my investments are being professionally managed with a risk level I'm comfortable with.

| Martyn A

Peace of mind.

| Alan and Vivienne A

Being listened to.

| Denise S


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