Bowmore Bulletin: Your latest update from the Bowmore team

Last month you read about the conclusion to the epic Ride for Precious Lives, our latest acquisition and more charitable endeavours from the Bowmore team.

This month, as usual, there is much to report from Bowmore HQ! Our research has been featured in the press once again; we hear from some of our team members as they participate in their “give days”; and we challenge you to a fun quiz to mark International Dog Day.

Bowmore Asset Management nominated for the Citywire Wealth Manager Performance awards

Starting off with an exciting accolade, Bowmore Asset Management has been shortlisted for the Citywire Wealth Manager Performance awards 2022.

The award is held in association with Asset Risk Consultants (ARC) and recognises the investment managers that have delivered the best risk adjusted returns for their clients over the past three years.

Bowmore have made the shortlist for cautious portfolio performance. Congratulations to the Investment Team, headed up by chief investment officer Jonathan Webster-Smith.

The winner will be announced on 8 September at the Citywire Wealth Manager Retreat. Good luck to the Bowmore Asset Management team!

Bowmore ESG research featured in FTAdviser

Our research into the performance of large-cap ESG funds was published by FTAdviser last month.

Bowmore’s findings revealed that across the board, large-cap ESG funds were outperformed by their broad market peers. In the year to June 2022, those with higher ESG ratings lost around 13%, compared with lower-rated funds that dipped by just 4%.

Our chief investment officer Jonathan Webster-Smith was quoted, reminding investors that all asset classes go through periods of volatility. He said, “While it is tempting to question ESG funds due to their recent poor performance, investors need to be patient.”

Jonathan added, “Over longer time horizons, earnings matter and ESG funds should deliver better returns than funds which don’t consider ESG due to the growth opportunity.”

You can read the full story on the FTAdviser website.

Investment manager Max Petite passes Level III CFA exam

Here at Bowmore, we have recently had multiple team members pass key exams – and we could not be prouder.

The latest talented individual to pass with flying colours is investment manager Max Petite. Having worked across banks in Paris and London for the past six years, Max now works with us managing, researching, and analysing client portfolios.

Max has passed the Level III CFA exam, taking him one step closer to full Chartered status. Congratulations, Max!

The Bowmore team participate in give days for charity

At Bowmore, we are dedicated to completing as much charitable giving as possible, giving everyone in our team the chance to work with an organisation that matters to them.

In the last month, team members John Clamp, Helen Best, Samantha Worthington, Steph White and Max Petite participated in their give days to support local charities.

Sam and Helen spent a muddy day at Dean Farm Trust, Chepstow

The Dean Farm Trust is an animal sanctuary based in Chepstow, South Wales. The trust specialises in educating visitors on the realities of factory farming, cruel animal sports, puppy and pony breeding and many more animal rights issues.

Helen Best and Sam Worthington, two members of the Bowmore Financial Planning team, spent their give day getting stuck in with the animals at Dean Farm Trust. Taking care of chickens, cows, goats, pigs and donkeys, Helen and Sam had an amazing time getting to know these beautiful creatures and learning more about their care.

Steph and Max spent one of the hottest day of 2022 at The Soup Kitchen, London

Steph and Max, from our asset management team, spent the day at The Soup Kitchen.

The Soup Kitchen was established in 1986 and is a resource for the homeless, elderly, lonely and vulnerable in London. They provide free nutritious meals, clothing, toiletries and a sense of belonging to over 150 visitors each day.

With the help of hundreds of volunteers each year, The Soup Kitchen’s aim is to provide a nourishing meal in a safe and warm environment that welcomes everyone.

We caught up with Steph about their day volunteering with this amazing organisation.

What did your day with The Soup Kitchen involve?

Our volunteering day fell on one of the hottest days of the year, so as soon as we arrived, we were put straight to work loading crates of water into their fridges. We then prepared bread and butter sandwiches, fruit salad and ice lollies.

Once all of the tables and chairs were put out, we served the guests and had the opportunity to speak with them. We really enjoyed hearing some of their stories and getting to know them better. After the lunch service had finished, we helped to clear away and prepare for the next day.

How did it feel to get out of the office and participate in a wider community project?

It was a great experience. We were humbled to be able to help with such important work. We left feeling such a sense of gratitude and had a refreshed perspective on what it means to be part of a community.

Do you plan to return to the same organisation for your next give day?

Yes, definitely. A few of our colleagues have organised to spend their volunteering day with The Soup Kitchen, too. This is the start of what we hope is a long association.

John Clamp’s give day at the Walton-In-Gordano village fete

Financial planner John Clamp volunteered for the Village Hall in Walton-In-Gordano, North Somerset, on the day of the village fete.

After his give day, John reflected on the experience, saying: “On the Friday we moved heavy wooden tables from the local church to the Village Hall; moved large flower planters; washed chairs; and got all of the equipment readied and sorted.

“Then, on Saturday morning, we put up all the gazebos and I stayed on to take everything down and pack it all up again at the end of the day.

“It was a fun (and tiring) experience! I was full of admiration for the people who give their time regularly to the Village Hall. A lot of work, but we raised £1,598.14 in total. This money will help the Village Hall support the community with events and fixtures throughout the year.”

Duncan Harvey takes on another sporting challenge by climbing the Yorkshire Three Peaks

After cycling more than 200 miles for last month’s Ride for Precious Lives, our colleague Duncan Harvey has wasted no time pursuing another sporting endeavour.

This time, Duncan took on the mammoth challenge that is walking the Yorkshire Three Peaks. The three mountains, Ingleborough, Pen-y-Ghent and Whernside, are situated in the stunning Yorkshire Dales. Completing all three in one day has become a well-known foray for the most experienced hikers.

We caught up with Duncan to see how he got on with tackling one of the UK’s biggest hiking challenges.

What inspired you to complete the Three Peaks, and who did you walk it with?

“I wanted to do it with one of my brothers and my dad, who is 64! The walk is 24 miles, and we wanted to do it in under 10 hours, which we managed.”

Describe the journey. What did the challenge involve?

“We woke up at 4 am, drove over from Leeds, and had scaled the first mountain Pen-y-Ghent by 7.30 am. After that, it was a long walk over to Ingleborough, a steady climb with a sharp decline. Next, a further trek over Whernside which was really steep, then finally a four-mile trek back to the car.”

Were there any unexpected challenges to the walk?

“Just like with the Ride for Precious Lives, it was very hot. So, we had to carry a lot of water – there is a water stop half way round, but still, I drank about eight litres of water during the day!

“In terms of hiking challenges, the downhill stretches were the hardest. I still have bruises under both of my big toes, as the ground was constantly jarring my feet.”

What did you enjoy most about completing the challenge?

“Doing it with my dad was by far the most satisfying thing. I don’t get to spend much time with him as he lives abroad. Also, having a beer afterwards was one of the best bits!”

Would you complete the Three Peaks again?

“Yes, I’d love to do it again with only my brother. We both said we’d like to jog all the way and try to complete all three in under eight hours.”

The Bowmore team prepare to celebrate International Dog Day with our furry friends

International Dog Day falls on 26 August, and here at Bowmore HQ, we have more than one loving dog owner in our midst.

In honour of this special day, we have put together a fun quiz: match the pup to their owner!

Below are some of Bowmore’s beloved hounds, mixed in with pictures of their human companions. Can you guess who belongs to who?

If you want to know if you guessed right, email your answers to , otherwise, the correct answers will be revealed in September’s Bulletin!

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