I want to manage a change in my circumstances

We’ll be there to guide you through any of life’s unexpected events and ensure your finances stay on track.

Life can take you by surprise and you never quite know what’s around the corner. Whether that’s an unexpected death of a loved one, divorce, a change in career or perhaps you’ve inherited a large sum of money, these events can have a big impact on your finances. They can also leave you with a sense of vulnerability and confusion about your next steps.

Our team will be by your side to help you overcome roadblocks in your life. No question is too small and you can be rest assured that our planners will make informed decisions based on your specific circumstances.


How we help our clients

We are realistic about the outcomes in every situation we deal with and help you understand the extent of the money available. You might be coping with the death of a spouse and concerned about your financial situation, or perhaps you’ve been left with a large inheritance and feel uninformed about what to do next. Then there’s the prospect of divorce or separation, which both have a host of implications for mortgages, savings, tax and Wills. All these situations require careful consideration to avoid hardship, and we’re here to take the load off you. 

Untangling your finances during a stressful period may be the last thing you want to do, and we understand this. That’s why our compassionate team will ensure that we make the process as stress-free as possible.


No one likes to think about dying or being seriously ill, but by planning ahead you can minimise the harmful impact these events could have on your finances and those you love.
Estate Planning
Estate planning has many benefits. We can help ensure more of your wealth goes to those you love with tax-efficient planning, provide expertise on the Inheritance Tax rules and how to set up a trust. Meaning you gain peace of mind that your wishes on how your wealth is used by younger generations of your family will be honoured.
Later Life Care Planning
Thanks to advances in medical care and a greater understanding of how to live a healthy life, our retirements are more active than ever. However, by planning for the long term, you can ensure that when you slow down, you have sufficient income to fund any care you may need.

Our clients say…

We asked our clients what they value most about our personalised service. This is what they told us:

Knowing what to expect when I retire.

Nigel P

Peace of mind that my long term financial goals are being met.

Clive S

Feeling confident in being able to do more with my earnings / salary whilst feeling safe about the choices.

Jordan O

A trusting relationship and peace of mind.

Nigel & Sue M

All quotes are taken from our 2021 client survey.

Vicky N

I don’t have to worry about anything, as Bowmore makes me feel secure

Vicky N


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