John Clamp

Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow

Introducing John

John has more than 15 years’ financial planning experience. He joined Bowmore in a technical role in March 2013 and began working directly with clients on their financial planning in 2017. John specialises in helping high earners who are concerned they are paying too much tax and feel there must be a better way.

As someone who likes to understand the detail, John enjoys distilling complex ideas into clear and actionable strategies for clients. By forming close partnerships, he is able to build a financial plan in the most tax-efficient and sustainable manner, unlocking the time and peace of mind he knows clients need to realise their life goals.

John has added immense value for us in the three years we have been working together. My only regret is that we didn’t meet ten years earlier.

Richard and Alison from Ipswich

Keeping you safe

Tell me more

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

Country walks to blow away the cobwebs.
Gardening, and planning the next hard-landscaping project.
Cooking, and hosting meals for friends and family.

One thing that is guaranteed to make your day better…

A WhatsApp from my mum. Coffee (cliché). Observing nature.

What made you decide to do the work you’re currently doing?

I am inquisitive by nature and like to understand people’s motivations and outlook on life.

What is one personal rule that you never break?

Always carry cash (and card).

What would your specialist subject be on Mastermind?

Identification of English flora.


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