Introducing Luke

Luke started as an apprentice practice administrator for a financial adviser and progressed through the business to Paraplanner status.

As part of his role, Luke can be found conducting research into financial solutions for clients, analysis and writing reports.



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What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy problem solving and helping people tackle complex tasks.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

Outside of work I’m keen on football, music and exploring the Bristol eateries!

One thing that is guaranteed to make your day better…

A bit of exercise and a nice coffee in the morning.

What made you decide to do the work you’re currently doing?

I’ve always been interested in finance and understanding the finer details. Paraplanning was a natural move for me to improve my technical knowledge.

What is one personal rule that you never break?

Always being honest and helpful.

What would your specialist subject be on Mastermind?

Trivia or any geographical questions.


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